About Us

The World is not an equal playing field

We know the world is not an equal playing field, but our team is working hard to make a difference. Just like in a forest, small businesses that do not have access to critical resources soon perish. While the crtical resources include money, the biggest success factor for small businesses comes from the access to a larger consumer base. While small service providers struggle finding customers and organizing their time, consumers looking for services also face difficulties in finding and organizing those services around their daily routines. Our solution bridges this gap by using the current transformation of communication infrastructures around the world and the connectivity that it brings. Our solution not only runs on computers, but on smart devices as well as conventional devices. It's not easy, which is why our team is working day and night to achieve this vision.

Our Mission

Enhance lives
Leverage technology
Empower the little
Transform taxonomies

Our Vision

"To enhance lives, by leveraging technology to empower the little while transforming taxnomies."